Is Sugaring Your Beloved Bush Better Than Waxing It?

Yes! Here’s Why…

Being hairy can, for the majority of us, be annoying and exhausting. Sometimes we just can’t keep up with how quickly our bush grows back! We’re left with no choice but to groom our areas – unless, of course, we don’t mind rocking your bush! 

Many people go for a monthly wax to get rid of this unwanted hair, but how many people look forward to the searing pain that comes with this monthly ritual? Well, you’re in luck – I’m here to tell you that there’s a much better, and less painful, way to tame your bush. All it takes is a little sugar!

Sugaring may not be a well-known hair removal method but it actually pre-dates waxing, was started by the Ancient Egyptians, and does significantly less damage to your skin than its popular new-age counterpart, waxing. 

5 reasons why sugaring is the ultimate method of hair removal:

1. Sugaring does less damage to your skin

Waxing removes hair in the opposite direction of hair growth. This stretches the pores, causing damage and irritation! This may also cause some hair to be pulled out from the root while other hair only breaks off. This is why you may feel, and even see, hair left behind post-wax.

Wax is also hot! It’s heated to anywhere from 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that a hot chemical resin is being applied liberally to your largest bodily organ! Remember, your skin absorbs everything applies to it within 26 seconds! The hot wax adheres to your skin and can easily cause irritation in the forms of both burning from the high heat and skinning from the removal of the top layer of live skin cells. 

Lastly, waxing can also cause hyperpigmentation, scarring, and ingrown hairs.

2. Sugaring uses natural ingredients only

Sugaring is an all-natural form of hair removal that uses only 3 natural ingredients! The paste consists of sugar (obviously!), lemon juice, and water and sits at room temperature. Also, the sugar only adheres to the hair and dead skin cells. This means there’s no risk or burning or skinning! 

The paste is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth, simultaneously lifting the hair up and melting into the hair follicle to wrap itself around the hair, then the hair is removed with a swift flick of the wrist in the direction of hair growth!

3. Sugaring only requires your hair to be a ¼’ long

Yes – that’s right! Your hair only needs to be a ¼’ long, or the length of a grain of white rice, to be removed effectively. Done are the days of self-conscious sleepovers and beach days between hair removal appointments!

 4. Sugaring doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or sensitive after your appointment

The aftermath of a wax is almost as uncomfortable as uncomfortable as the waxing itself! As noted above, not only does a wax remove (some of) the hair, it also removes live skin cells! This leaves your skin extra sensitive. Now you know why you are likely to feel raw down there for a few days after a wax! To compound the skin sensitivity from the wax, the chemical resin also leaves a sticky residue that the majority of people try to scrub off at home, adding to the skin irritation. Although sugaring may still be a little painful during the appointment (let’s be honest, we’re still removing hair from your pink parts), once it’s over, it’s over! You’ll completely forget you’ve just gotten a Brazillian.

After your first sugaring appointment, you’ll also notice a reduction in the amount of hair re-growth, as well as density and thickness. Cheers to side benefits over side effects!

5. Sugaring is more environmentally friendly

Unlike waxing, and it’s use of numerous pieces of cloth, wooden spatulas, and toilet paper, sugaring reuses the same paste and the paste dissolves in water! 

Simultaneously say goodbye to unnecessary waste and leaving your hair removal appointment with your thighs sticking together and chemical residue (or pieces of cloth) stuck on your skin for days! 

All-in-all sugaring is a safer, more natural, and more effective method of hair removal that leaves your skin happy not hurting. So, if you’ve got a friend who dreads their monthly wax, do them a solid and share this blog post with them!

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