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Bush Body Bar – Sugaring Hair Removal Kit

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Made from water, sugar and lemon juice, Bush Body Bar’s sugar paste safely, yet effectively removes the entire hair follicle. Easy to use at home.

  • No flick required. Use the provided applicator and strips for simple and easy application and removal.

  • Exfoliate your skin. Sugaring only removes dead skin cells, while removing the hair.

  • No risk of burning, unlike the dirty “W” word.

  • It’s everything you love about sugaring, but in an easy to do at-home-kit.

Chemical-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and ideal for your delicate skin.

Includes 8 oz. sugar paste, 1 applicator and 10 reusable strips.

3 reviews for Bush Body Bar – Sugaring Hair Removal Kit

  1. Rachael

    These kits are seriously awesome. I normally wax monthly and have been struggling to find an at-home solution since covid hit and these kits are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Even better than wax since it’s not as hot (no risk of burning yourself) and any mess I make from being inexperienced at doing it myself is so easy to clean up. The hair removal is so good too – way better than mass produced at home wax kits and strips where the hair just breaks and you end up with a shaving-like result. Highly recommend!

  2. Rose

    This sugaring kit is literally the most amazing one you will find out there. I was not sure if I would be able to use it since I had tried so many other kits previously and non were even beginner’s friendly (aside from quality..). OMG, this kit was so easy to use tho, just throw it in the microwave ( instruction comes with the kit) and you are good to go!!! it removed all my hair, even the tinniest ones and made my skin freaking glowy and smooth. I also used it on my face and ate some of it by accident and its strangely delicious too lol. The strips that come with it can be cleaned and washed really easy by warm water and soap. I had such a good experience with this that I will def not buy any other kit from anywhere else again and gonna stack up on this kit soon

  3. Naima Karp

    Got these back when the pandemic began and truly does not compare to anything else on the market – this is coming from someone with extremely sensitive skin. Even though nothing can replace Karen’s badass sugaring skills, this came pretty close when everything was shut down. Brazilian takes practice but everything else was pretty much a breeze to complete, especially with her detailed instructions 🙂

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